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A bookkeeper is someone who classifies your business's revenue and expenses and enters those items into a general ledger of accounts.

An accountant is a person who performs additional services such as tax planning, budgeting, forecasting, analytics, and more.

A CPA or certified public accountant is someone who is licensed in one or more U.S. states or territories who has demonstrated a minimal competency by training and examination.
There are some things that cannot be performed by an accountant or bookkeeper, such as representation before state or federal bodies for tax disputes, signing off on audits for public companies, or signing off on SEC submitted paperwork

Remember when you had your first job- you got your paycheck and you had to decide how to spend that money? Either consciously or subconsciously, you had to make a plan for what you wanted to do with your money. Your business is no different.

Unless you operate a Fortune 100 company, you have finite financial resources. You must control your spending and make smart decisions about how to best invest your money- whether that's hiring additional employees, investing in equipment, paying off debts, or adding additional products or services, you have to make the best decisions for your business. That's where we can help you.

This is a legitimate question! Many people do not think of themselves as "numbers people" and many don't want to lead their business using metrics. Even the Harvard Business Review has a very good article on why you shouldn't let numbers sink your business's strategy. However, your business's metrics are comparable to getting an annual physical- it is important to get an annual physical to know your cholesterol, blood sugar, blood cell count, and other numbers in order to identify any potential problems; your business's numbers should viewed in the same way.

If you are going to run out of cash in the next 90 days, wouldn't you prefer to have 90 days to take action rather than 10 days or 5 days or finding out that you have no cash at all? The same question goes for

Every business is different. While many companies attempt to create bundled packages we find that most businesses have unique needs. Maybe they need less bookkeeping- under a bundled plan, you may pay for 15 hours of bookkeeping but your business only needs 10 hours. Those extra 5 hours that you are paying for are pure profit to the bookkeeping company and sunk cost to your company.

We create a customized package for your business which includes at a minimum- bookkeeping, payroll and sales tax compliance. Additional services include analytics, forecasting, budgeting and more.

With every plan, if you pay for 12 months of service, you receive one free federal and state income tax return for your company.

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