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When it comes to doing business, Wayfair nexus and sales tax, in the United States and dealing with the IRS can be complicated.

Small business owners have the exact needs of big companies yet receive much less attention and fewer resources.


Enterprises need a resource for their accounting and bookkeeping. In addition, they need help with managing their business from a financial perspective to ensure they stay in compliance with taxes and help them make intelligent business decisions.


Since Wayfair, nearly every state has adopted an economic nexus law and will soon be aggressively pursuing out-of-state vendors for uncollected taxes. 


While the economic nexus thresholds vary by state, many states have adopted South Dakota's point of $100,000 in sales or 200 transactions. Unfortunately, many small to mid-size businesses exceed the 200 transaction threshold before approaching the $100,000 mark.

Thrive BI is a virtual accounting firm that believes Wayfair nexus, sales tax, and accounting should be more than compliance-based; businesses need to understand their numbers to grow and make informed decisions. 


Our mission is to help smaller businesses with accounting services & bookkeeping tools explicitly designed to help these smaller companies.

We are one of the only accounting firms to co-create an affordable and revolutionary sales tax software called Phycsal Sales Tax, and that's just the beginning. 


Compliance is one part of what we do; however, planning is the most crucial part. We strategize to combine multi-entity organizations for the most tax-efficient structure and help clients utilize losses and credits they otherwise didn't realize they had available.


At Thrive BI, our goal is to minimize your taxes and guide you to avoid surprises with your tax preparation.


Thrive BI has additional tools planned for the creation and many other services to offer. So if your current accounting firm isn't looking out for you, it's time to join us!

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